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ELICOS at La Trobe College Australia

La Trobe College Australia welcomes Petar Stojanovic as Director of Studies for ELICOS Programs

Spotlight on ELICOS at LTCA!

This year we welcome Petar Stojanovic as Director of Studies for ELICOS Programs at La Trobe College Australia. Petar comes to us with a wealth of experience in the international and higher education sphere. A polyglot, Petar brings an arsenal of language abilities including Japanese, Spanish and Serbian with, as he says, “a sprinkling of a few others”.

Before joining the Navitas group, Petar was the Academic Manager for an Art and Design degree program in Melbourne, overseeing Fashion and Costume Design, Interior Design, Graphic and Digital Design, Filmmaking, Photography and Visual Arts.

“Being involved in the creative industries exposes you to different ways of thinking. You’re required to conceptualise, contextualise and communicate your vision – fail fast – and keep on trying,” said Stojanovic in a recent interview.

Prior to this, Petar was Principal Executive Officer of Languages Across Borders, a member of the LCI Education Network. He has run global mobility programs in Indonesia and Colombia, formed a formidable network of partnerships and run specialist English programs including Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Game Design, Business Studies and Healthcare.

Q: What do you think sets La Trobe College Australia apart?

A: “I’ve always been a proponent of tailored learning. I believe that a La Trobe experience is a bespoke experience. Courses are tailored to meet the emerging needs of our students, to prepare them for their future studies and beyond.”

Q: What can we expect from LTCA’s ELICOS department?

A: “Without giving too much away, we’re in the process of upgrading our curriculum to reflect the needs of Gen Z – not to mention Generation Alpha and Beta beyond them. So much has changed over the last three years. The expectations on our students are different than they were pre-2020. So it’s important that we strive to stay ahead of the curve and seek opportunities to prepare students for this era… of course, while having a bit of fun!”

Petar is located a La Trobe College Australia, on campus at La Trobe University.

For more information about ELICOS programs at LTCA, visit: or write to

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